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Friday, August 6, 2010

Nina & Sha

I adore eating turkish food, I love love love it.
Especially turkish deeserts. Those are the best.

Nina treated me and Sha to a really nice turkish restaurant, I forgotten the name, but it's really awesome! I had this Turkish version of Nasi Briyani, and it is so fabu~
Sha had beef kebab and Nina with her chicken Shawma, and we had Hummus and wedges for sides. We drank this awesome strawberry tea, two sugars each, with dates sheesha-ed our way late into the night, well, I didn't smoked alot but Sha was intoxicated. We watch this Thai show, called "FireBall" and like Nina was so super enthu about it that whenever something bad happed she screamed until one of the waiter ask if she was ok.

I didn't talk much to B today though, and when I called you, you were sleeping. Sigh.
At least I get to see you tomorrow, but it'l be so late. :(

Oh, Fafa texted me, she wants us to support her project group tomorrow, about 2, but the NDP celebration thingy will probably end at like 12? So probably going to ask Angie Lee to open a computer lab so we can do project.

I feel so sleepy and tired, I rather do project than go NDP celebration :(

I miss my b..



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