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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It hurts.

Well, I have to be frank.
 This will seem petty, stupid, but it's how I feel.
It hurts that she can make you laugh more than I can.
It hurts that her texts can make you happier than mine.
It hurts that she can surprise you when I can't.

It hurts:

Because I know that no matter how close we are, you both will be closer.
Because I know that my words can't carry the full meanings of my expressions.
Because you can relate to her more than me.
Because she just knows you so well, maybe more than you think.
Because I don't know if you still know I care about you.
Because I know I can be very naggy, long-winded and repeated cause I am so anal.
Because you sometimes seem irritated when I keep going on about your health issues.
Because even though she is straight forward and then some, she means well.
Because even though I want to treat you but I can't cause I have limited resources.
Because I know you still tell her things that you don't tell me.
Because I know I can never be like her.
Because I know that I am me.

But you know what? I have to accept it.
Because I can't force you to be a 'best friend' to me.

Promise me something.
Don't even think of writing this in your diary/blog.

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