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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fafa's birthday was on thursday, went to have a mini celebration. I did not do much, just went to get a cake with her at McCafe, well, here's how it went.

R: Hey, I have this coupon which has a free birthday drink, let's get one for you alright?
F: Hahaha, I'm fine with anything babe.
R: *Goes to the counter*
R: *Thinks* *I should get her a cake, makes it more meaningful*
R: Can I get the Chocolate Rasberry Diva Slice?
Counter G: Sure.
R: Erm, can you write 'Happy Birthday' on the plate too?
C.G: Oh, I am so sorry, but I can't do it, well, I don't really know how too. *Embarrass*
R: Oh.....
C.G: Perhaps you can try?
R: Hahahhaa, me??? Okay, I'll try...
R: *Wrote a melty HAPPY BIRTHDAY*
R: *Happy birthday to you, no candles for you*
C.G: Do you need a candle?
R: You have one? Oh that would be great, thank you!
C.G: No problem. :D
C.G: *lights the candle*
R: Thank you!
R: *Brings the cake and drinks over.*
R: Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you!
F: Oh My Goddddd! So many people looking!
R: Hahaha, Happy birthday babe!
F: Thank you.

Seeing her so happy makes me happy too.
No one shoule be crying on their birthday morning.

Happy Haloween!


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