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Monday, November 2, 2009

4 more practice sessions for latin dance and I didn't go school today cause I had gastric in the morning and there is something wrong with my ankle.
Mum bought me an ankle guard so I guess I will be trotting around school with it, well, with my beautiful red slippers.
I keep having this weird feeling something is going to happen to me before my performance.
Call me paranoid but this shit out to be studied.
They should totally invent something which can take away this fear.
Perhaps I am mad?
I have been sick these couple of days, period's not making it better apparently.
My birthday is coming and I feel too old.
Yay, all my friends are getting old.
Soon I will be looking back in my old rocking chair and saying,
'How I miss the Good Old Days, you know ah, last time ice cream use to be 1 dollar, now so expensive.'

I am such a Spaz.


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