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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saturday, Drink, Drank but sadly wasn't drunk. Been feeling so crappy recently, like getting into deeper shit more and more, I needed something strong to distract me, to take me away from this hell-hole I am living in.
I am suppose to be strong, I am cannot shed a tear, I cannot let my emotions take over me.
But, what if I keep holding back so much that I finally crack, I finally cry, I finally collaspe.

Sunday, dance was't that bad, just feel really guilty and upset that I am letting my teachers down, I know how it feels to have something you love so much be taken advantage by others. I know how the anger comes, how it's reaction will have on the others.
I feel the disappointment. I feel the sadness.

Monday, didn't go school, no point, go only will sit for 45 mins, then go back? Lame sia, went mico-fishing and is totally irritated that we spent 2 days researching on the wrong thing, fucking tart sia, I damn pissed off.
Baby, I need you so much with me now.
Went back with Muu Muu, met his palzzz (bhss ppl really) and I realise that I am still paranoid of cars, I mean, I can ride in a car, but driving it is a big NO NO! We walked back to my place, me lost in my own thoughts, and thinking of depressing stuff.

Today, went school, discuss project, BOR-ASSING, went for a dip at Bishan pool with Xq, I really have alot to talk about, but I am starting to think that my blog is starting to look like a typical Sg blogger blog. Accck! I CAN'T let this happen man!

I caught you gazing at me, and I wonder what you were thinking of. Me?

My life can still go on, it just hurts each and every step, cause you're not there to support me.


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