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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mas Que Nada, that's our Samba song, been practicing and practicing, and we're still at 1.11s, seriously, I kinda think my Dec holidays will be totally packed.
Rahcel is totally thinking of pole dancing now, besides taking up fencing, which Mui Mui still say it's expensive.

Rachel's Schedule for this coming week:

Monday: Go school, do project.
Tues: Exam then go swim with Sha, then do project.
Wed: School, dance, swim in the evening with Xq.
Thurs: Exam, jogging, discuss project.
Fri: School(?), pubbing, go home stone and sleep.
Sat: Church, and out?
Sun: Dance, dance dance~

YAY, i completed my schedule for this week. :))


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