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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The day you broke my heart.

I saw a girl today, she was wearing a light blue spaghetti top and white shorts.
She was walking, slowly, in the rain, she was not in a hurry, she walked.
Walking, listening to her Mp3, her waterproof sling bag getting drenched.
Dirt, kicked up behind her, landed on her thighs, her slippers, slipping off.
Raindrops, shielding her sight, as it splattered on the glass panels.
Yet, she kept walking.
She walked without her mind, without her heart, without her soul.
I guess, those who were looking at her, thought she might be mad.
Some call her crazy.
But she just walked along, not caring what others said, not caring if lightning struck.
When she reached home, she turned on her air-con, with the rain outside her room.
She peeled of her soaked top, revealing her checked bra.
She pulled her translucent pants, which stuck to her thighs, flashing her black underwear.
Her heart-shaped towel, covering up her shivering body.
She shoved herself under the comforts of her blanket.
She cried herself to sleep.


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