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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Why do I see, that my one of my best friend's relationship is going through the same routine as mine?
Through her eyes, I see the same signs.
The same problems.
The same disappointment.
The same sadness.
The same tears.
I see her hands, copying the exact things that I did.
Like how a shadow follows it's master.
The advices, the comforts, are what my friends gave me,
and now it's me that is giving the same to her.
Was it fated to be like that?
I am sorry, that I can't do much.
To see you in tears, hurts me so much.
To be helpless, kills me.
The only thing I could do, was to try and numb the pain.
To distract you, to bring you joy, the joy that we share.
So, if it comes down to this, could I save their relationship the way I couldn't save mine?

This girl is my sweetheart.


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