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Thursday, December 3, 2009

There is seriously bnothing interesting to post, just that, there's too much politics, controversies and shit in the class. Yeah, those from here who are reading this, don't ignore the fact. Everyone's been talking about you. Bitching and gossiping. You think you're so perfect? Face the truth~
Gawd, I am turning into you already.
Yeah, I smile at you, yeah, I laugh at your jokes, lame, seriously, but why do I care.
Going to school sucks now, basically cause there's nothing to do.
I wake up, drag my arse to sit in a class where there is nothing to do.
I could have been doing something more sensible like sleeping!
I just come for the attendance.
Damn, even now with fucking warning letter, still come, show face.

You ask me: Have you ever hated someone before?
I replied: Have you ever kiss my ass before?

Oh I love how the brain works.
How to be ironic, to be contradicting.
I just adore twisting your brain.
You're like putty in my hands.
I can twist you around my tiny finger.
And you think you're superior to me?
Fat chance.!

All my love,
Fuck Off.!


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