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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Roll all the credits

I have seriously not be anally blogging about almost lots of shit that has been going through my mind lately. It's just that, nowadays, I try not to think so much, but sometimes, things that you don't want to think of, creeps into your mind, like fog, creeping around the harbor.

I'll try my best to kind of remember the updates.

Friday, 7th Nov 2009:
No school, so, chillax and went for dance until 2am, cause Aza was busy mixing the songs. Stupid Bitch wore this fuckUp angel outfit, you know those kind of Bohemian headbands? Well, she wore it around her forehead, with a pink bubble dress, black knee-length tights, blue and black stripped socks, all completed with a juicy red converse shoes. Seriously, what the fuck does she think she is? We went spize later for dinner, pics uploaded on Pris Fb, Awesome peeps! During the hours of 0000 to 0200, I learned the complete jive steps, like, what took those cheenas 3 weeks, to learn, I learn in 2 hours. Cute. Pris send us all back home and I completely shagged out.

Saturday, 8th Nov 2009:
Woke up at 7am for a wedding at St Teresa, I am actually amaze that I can put on contacts after such a short sleep period. Went to Sentosa with my babe, didn't really take lotsa pictures, but met this awesome couple, the guy reminds me of some writer from the papers, hmm, anyways, they are so loving, 15 years together, awww, haha, when we went back, around late late afternoon, met Zul along the way, he was meeting the guys for dinner. Went back home to sleep. Seriously shagged out!

Sunday, 9th  Nov 2009:
I woke up really late, met Ezz babe and went off to Jo's studio for Waltz, made a new friend, Ryan, cute kid, those really sensitive, gentle boy, haha, went back around 6 ish, had dinner and watch Devil Wears Prada and Singing In The Rain, makes me feel like taking up tap dancing classes!

Monday, 10th Nov 2009:
Didn't go Sw, seriously, no point going, go there at 8am, play the same games, over and over again, so I came to class about 945am, it started at about 1015am, ended in half an hour. Went home to watch cartoons and sleep. Why do I even bother to go school?
Went to dance, Sylvest and Ryan was there, apparently stupid Aza was still sleeping, but poor thing, he spent the previous day doing the songs.

Went to school at 10am, now the bloody schedule change, I am damn fucking pissed off.
Mr B went to his dental appointment today so no chance of seeing him in class. I am heaving a seriously bad headache now and it's because I am so stress out about dance tomorrow. I think, arg, I'll just lay here and die.


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