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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Performance today! I am so hyped!
Yesterday, we had our rerhearsal at McPherson, it wasn't really good, but still we had the last practice at Jo's studio, some idoit have to go back early cause of her CCA, she completely lied about Jo saying that it's ok for her to go to her CCA, seriously, our performance is today and you still act like so fuck, you think you're so good is it?
I really hope that today's performance is close to perfect, if not, perfect!
We, meaning the Fantastic 4, put 2 months of hardwork, blood, sweat into it, okay, exxageratinh, no blood, but still, that's how hard we worked our ass, and legs off.

I really have nothing else to say. Just, keep my heart from jumping out and commiting suicide.

Today's the day, DO OR DIE!


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