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Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me! <3

Happy Birthday to me, yesterday.

Our performance was the BOMB! Even after I told everyone to come at 1.30, latest, they still can jalan jalan, walk in slowly, like there's plenty of time. I was seriously pissing off because the photoshoot was going to start soon and no one was ready yet, especially the girls! Anyways, I almost fell 2 times cause the floor was seriously slippery. The guys in the front row was, obviously being like all guys, all those guys stuff they do, ugg, There was a lats photoshoot, with everyone who performed. We saw Mr Faris! He the bomb! Awesome teacher! He was so suprise cause he didn't know we were in dance.
I gave the cheena woman, taadaaa, watson's 5 for 1.95 pink shaver, plus a juicyly sexxa laced hot pink G-STRING! I just told her some guy wanted me to pass it to her, and she believed it. Those who know, you keep your mouth shut ah!

Pris brought all of us to a turkish restaurant at Haji lane, though the portions were really mini-riffic small, it's really yum yum! The dessert, wow, Baklava! At 8.50, it simply melted in my mouth gorgeous, we later went to Raffles hospital to do, toilet business, then wandered the streets again, cause really, it still was sooo early! We went to this other cafe, ordered Vanilla Shisha and Kunefe. Jo and Pris really was so wonderful, they bought me, the lovely constume top that i wanted completed with the skirt! And also, a beautiful tiramisu cake! I swear I love them to death, and the best, was the uber cute 6 pairs of animal earrings from DIVA, my heart really soared! We left around 10 ish, going to Raffles place to walk around, took some pics of the X mas tree and took the Mrt back, saw this girl with really fat fat thighs, damn, she's proud of it.

Went to school on my birthday, woke up late, very tired and stoned, checked my hp and thank goodness not so many messages, else i will be deleting all my other favourite texts.
Sha, Dan, Kuntrak and Drama Queen celebrated a mini birthday for me, so sweet, the cake also! :)
Sha and me went for lunch then for a movie, but beofre that we saw JW, WQ, and Ben, thought they going arcade? Lame sei, we watch, A Christmas Carol, really nice though, :) Sha gave me an adorable smiley flower, so sweet! Suppose to meet Stacey and Steph, but wasn't feeling so well, went home to sleep.

I love my birthday, though, I wished I could celebrate it with you.

Thank you guys so much! <3


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