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Monday, November 16, 2009

Days passed by too fast.

Can it really be monday already? I haven't been so gung ho about this little spa I sink my thoughts into for quite awhile.

12th November 2009
Didn't go school, I can't really remember.

13th November 2009
I went to the salon to cut and dye my hair, yes, Rachel now has a cute side fringe and her head is a beautiful shade of brownish red. Went to Jo's studio for dance in the evening, Ezt did a practical joke on almost everyone, cause it's Friday the 13th, yet again, she had some 'goodie bag' also, filled with funny things and sweets, and Fiq was like, 'Why the hole so tight?' Sound so wrong man, what was worst was when he said it felt warm and slimy!
Ahahahaha! We wanted to take the HairyLegs bra and leave it in Aza's bag but then she didn't bring her extra bra, but then I think Ezt did something to her?
We left a mini pad in Sally's bag and he was F shock! We also took Aza's shoe and put the pad in his foolscape, I swear it's bloody funny. I stayed over at Jo's place also. She's seriously terrific!

14 November 2009
My brother went Australia today, he texted me this message: Bye Sis, take care, Love you :)
Omfg, so sweet lah, oh, he had a tattoo by the way, I think he did it 2 weeks ago? It's our surname. Stayed at Jo's place again, along with Fiq, we made some kind of chocolate biscuit thingy for Sunday's class at like 1am, and webwhore with Ezt like Fuck, hahha!
We watched Scary Movie 2, seriously crappy funny!

15 November 2009
Woke up at 12pm, I was really sick shit for 2 weeks cause of an impending sore thraot which affected my breathing, Fuck Fuck! Got to stock up on my meds and cash. Jo's maid is damn funny, cause she can't speak english then she ask me if Jo took the motorbike or car to the studio in malay, and I was like, damn, Jo can't even drive or what, and the bike is her dad's, I was lmfao like hell!

16 November 2009
Ryan went off to Australia this morning at 1am, was texting him from 11 to 12, talking about the farms he's going to visit and about cows. He's such a sweet guy! He's in my Waltz class and he's really good. Had Sw today, played Captain's Ball, Elaine was like really distractingly funny, with her screaming here and there. Nina fainted in class today cause her blood pressure too high, and class ended early, but me, Sha, Dan, Kuntrak, Yan and Fiq went to ACM today, supposedly for our LPD project, end up taking lotsa pics and getting distracted. Anyway, enough of me writing, I am tired out. I still miss him so much, really, I can't be fully happy, knowing that I can't celebrate my birthday with you.


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